Maya Angelou’s Leadership Advice

The story of Marguerite Johnson as depicted via Maya Angelou’s e book ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ isn’t just an thrilling piece of autobiography spiced up with literary enchantment. Nor is it just an account of the standard black woman’s plight. It has more to it. It relates the ache and delight worried within the frequent woman’s relentless quest, carried on doggedly with grit, faith and highbrow curiosity, for the identification that she thinks is due to her, the long warfare necessitated in that technique and of the hurdles encountered on the road to survival, self-expression, self-confirmation, self-empowerment and in the end financial freedom. In the e-book ‘Through Women’s Eyes’, the portrait of women given by means of Dubois and Dumenil painting encompasses different classes, religions, regions and ethnic backgrounds and schooling levels. Marguerite is a consultant of them.

Marguerite’s story progresses thru contradicting Maya Angelou Quarter influences of the values of the traditional society and those of the modern society. It is most effective after a protracted period of silence that the caged hen dares voice her song and asserts herself. She profits her get admission to to the pool of expertise in the face of stiff resistance from the ever-daunting forces of oppression. She has had to recognize her spirit first earlier than she ought to experience her spirituality. It has in no way been clean for her to parent the benevolent and the rapacious. Adversity changed into no longer the main factor that had to be fought; it turned into a combat against rape, no longer most effective of the frame, but also of the mind, soul, sensitivity, past, gift and destiny. There turned into as a whole lot exasperation as there has been expectation.

At the very outset of the tale, younger Margaret asks: “What you lookin at me for?” The desperation underlying the phrases may be perceived on a much wider panorama, of the insignificant self-doubting female posing a question to the predators within the chauvinistic jungle. Then she claims: “I failed to come to stay”. It is a comic scenario with a tragic coloration. She became now not lying. At the time when the phrases had been uttered, it turned into real. With the passage of time, the outlook changed and the query arose: why should not she stay. It become then that she determined she became going to stay. And she did at final. Staying connotes multiple thing. It stands for life, growing above discrimination, oppression, slavery, humiliation and segregation. For the youngsters attending colleges these days, it will likely be tough to accept as true with that there was a time while lady changed into a helpless, insignificant creature, an unpaid laborer, with out share in electricity, without vote until the first sector of the 20 th century, in a state conceived in liberty and committed to the proposition that every one guys are created identical.