The Truth About Big Chief Extracts Scams

Big Chief Extracts is definitely a Big Name in the Scents Industry with A Troublesome Past. Depending on various different websites and customer testimonials, there’s much more grey than black when it comes to this company. Big Chief Extracts was recently plagued with counterfeits. Most of the perfume bottles that were sold (supposedly by original Big Chief owners) featured inferior ingredients, low-grade fragrance oils and synthetic fillers. There are several things you can do to ensure that you buy only the real thing:

First, you should definitely avoid the internet. There are many websites that sell counterfeit Big Chief Extracts and other similar brands. Some of them even list “cultures” like Yuban, which is not a legitimate extract. If you’re looking for a top notch, reliable scent, you shouldn’t have any problems finding it on store shelves, but if you’re trying to save money by buying from an online seller, watch out. You may be getting counterfeit scented water vaporizer cartridges, creams, lotions and other aromas just so you can save a few bucks.

Second, Big Chief Extracts does make some great scents. The perfume offerings are some of the best around, especially considering that they’re in the business of selling cannabis extracts. However, the problem is that the company’s product line includes over a dozen different extracts with varying levels of cannabidiol content. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a solid scent last time, Big Chief Extracts might not be the right choice for you.

One of the things that I’m most concerned about are the herbal pure cannabis oil supplements. Some of these products contain what’s called “cut agents” that make them a lot more palatable to consumers. However, I’ve also noticed that many of these agents tend to cut through the skin of the fruit and into the blood stream instead. While this sounds okay on paper, the consequences can be serious. If you want a safe, effective product that works without any nasty side effects, your best bet is going to be to stick with something like VIAGRA or another product sold exclusively through the internet.

In my experience, the quality issues that I’ve witnessed with Big Chief extracts carts are more widespread than the issues with pure cannabis oil itself. Most customers that purchase these products end up disappointed because they didn’t think to check the ingredients before purchasing the product. It’s very important to be wary of product manufacturers that don’t list their ingredients, because they’re likely cutting corners in order to increase profits.

So what does this all mean for blue sky investments? Well, if you’re investing any money at all, I highly recommend that you do a lot more research before investing in a product like VIAGRA. I’ve seen a lot of people fall victim to scams online and the Big Chief Extracts Scams are no different. You need to do your research and stay vigilant if you want to see great results.