Vivo Y72 Great Performance at a Low Cost

Vivo Y72 is the latest handset from the popular Indian smartphone brand – Nokia. It is the second generation of the Windows Phone-powered phones from the house of Nokia. This handset boasts of several features that have been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of the youth segment of the market. So, what are these benefits of the Vivo Y 72? Let’s find out.

Stronger Battery Power: With a strong and long lasting battery, the Vivo Y 72 guarantees the users of more than 10 hours of talk time on a single charge vivo y72 . As per the specifications, this handset comes with a high capacity battery power and a quick charge technology. The battery power of the phone is capable of charging within less than one hour. Also, it features a unique Quick Charge technology that allows the user to enjoy truly fast charge in just an hour’s time. With this battery power and quick charge facilities, the users can enjoy superb talk time on the go.

Accurate Software Interface: The software of the handset has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the youth segment. This is a great feature as it helps in using the phone without any hassles. It also supports Microsoft applications, which include Office Suite and Internet Explorer. The interface has been designed in such a way so that it provides ease of operation to the users. In addition, the interface comes with a feature of double tap to bring up the menu, and this facilitates multi tasking. The full charge facility of the vivo y72 5g also helps in making the most of the power.

Fast Wireless Charging: With a rapid charge feature, the charge of the video y 72 5g can be accomplished within thirty minutes of purchase. At times, it takes just thirty seconds to reach an average performance level after charging the phone for the first time. Further, the wireless connectivity offered by the handset with the Turbo Charger doubles up the charge time to seventy percent. This further helps in augmenting the battery power with ample support to the average performance levels.

Great Features: The build quality of the video y 72 5g is excellent and is far better than that of any other normal handset available in the market. Apart from the above features, the camera of the handset is also commendable and is equipped with a very efficient auto focus as well as an external flash. The connectivity offered by the handset along with the superb picture and video recording features make the device a great mobile phone. Also, the spacious media storage support along with the excellent noise cancelling technology further enhance the value of the device.

Value for Money: It is worth mentioning that the price of the vivo Y 72 and its variant the Vivo Y 72s are quite low when compared to the other smart phone phones in the market. However, this handset has a richly loaded user friendly operating system along with an attractive graphical interface. Further, there are adequate memory support and an extensive storage space of more than forty megabytes in the internal memory of the device. This enables the users to download and store various important files like the e-mails, the games and the videos. Hence, the value for money offered by this handset undoubtedly stands exposed and makes it an ultimate smart phone in every possible way.